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Alban Michon gives an instructive and educational dimension to his expeditions. This is why he set up a series of conferences aimed at the world of business, associations, and the educational community. In these, he presents images of his land and underwater expeditions in the Arctic and shows what happens behind the scenes during his explorations. He intersperses this with fascinating stories, suited to all types of audiences.

As well as talking about his extraordinary adventures, Alban Michon goes into the multiple facets of his expeditions in depth, and breaks down the organisational and mental approach that he uses. He then translates this into the business context, in order to help your employees cope with the challenges of their daily working life, such as dealing with stress, decision-making in extreme situations, management, interprofessionality and more besides. His talks help mobilise and empower your teams. By sharing his experience, Alban guides your employees towards a positive and constructive attitude, which is crucial during crisis situations.

So, you want to stage a motivational training event for your employees? Offer them a breath of fresh, icy air and a taste of adventure with a talk by Alban Michon.


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